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A monthly update from the South Dakota Dental Association  

2015 Legislative Session Important for Dentists

During the 2015 Session the South Dakota Legislature will consider several significant changes to the Dental Practice Act. The SDDA wants to ensure the Practice Act is adopted as proposed by the Board of Dentistry and intends to oppose any amendments from outside parties. 
SDDA members are a key part of our plan to ensure the Practice Act is adopted as proposed. Using our grassroots contact system, members volunteer to be a contact to one or more Legislator in South Dakota. When the time for making contact is needed we will send an alert to the SDDA member asking them to make contact with their legislator(s). Members who volunteer will receive alerts from the SDDA via email and text. 
Anyone interested in being a contact should contact Paul at paul.knecht@sddental.org and provide the following information: 1.) the email address you check most frequently; 2.) your cell phone number, and; 3.) the name of your cell phone carrier. Please know that we will not send text messages other than to alert you to legislative issues and we will not share your cell phone number with anyone else.  
Seminars Help  Members Comply with HIPAA Requirements

All health care providers—including dentists—must comply with the HIPAA requirements put in place by the Affordable Care Act. The SDDA is offering a seminar that will teach HIPAA requirements for your practice; operational and the administrative safeguards; and, staff compliance. Most importantly the seminar will teach how to prevent a breach of patient information. A breach, whether accidentally or maliciously, could cost you both thousands of dollars and your professional reputation. This seminar is appropriate for the dentist and the office manager or HIPAA compliance officer.

The seminar will be offered at the following dates and locations. 

Huron, February 9,  9-11 am

Sioux Falls, February 9,  1-3 pm
Watertown, February 10, 9-11 am

Aberdeen, February 10,  1:30-3:30 pm

Pierre, February 11,   9-11 am

Rapid City, February 11, 2-4 pm (mst)

Click here for a printable registration form.


Time to Prepare for Children's Dental Health Month

In recognition of Children's Dental Health Month the SDDA encourages members to talk to children about their oral health. In addition to visiting classrooms dentists and staff can go to Boys & Girls Clubs, Head Starts, Daycares, and YMCA/YWCA’s.

If you need educational resources for National Children's Dental Health Month, we can help. Reserve educational videos/DVDs from the SDDA by calling Tia at 605-224-9133 or e-mailing tia@sddental.org. A list of videos/DVDs is available on the SDDA web site (http://www.sddental.org/). You can also reserve a portable DVD player from Tia. 

You can order free posters, planning guides and fun coloring pages for your office at www.ada.org/5578.aspx.  Also, DVDs, etc. can be purchased from the ADA at http://www.adacatalog.org/.
Remember to contact your local news media to let them know about Children's Dental Health Month. They may give your dental office publicity by publishing a news story about your children's activities. 
Continuing Education

For the list of state-wide dental continuing education go to: http://www.sddental.org/cont_ed_statewidece.htm

SDDA eNews is a convenient and cost-effective method to share timely information with SDDA members. Most information found in eNews is a summary of  larger news stories. Members wanting more indepth information should either follow the links provided within the news stories or visit the SDDA web site at
http://www.sddental.org/ .

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