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Should Dentists Enroll in Medicare?

Under the ACA, Medicare will deny claims for services or supplies if the provider ordering those services or supplies is not in Medicare's enrollment records as either an enrolled provider or as a provider that has opted out of participation in Medicare. Dentists who perform Medicare eligible procedures such as biopsies, and bill Medicare directly for those services, should fully enroll. Dentists that do not bill Medicare directly, but want to ensure that their Medicare patients receive the services and supplies ordered may utilize a simplified process of enrollment in Medicare which does not require the dentist's financial information. Enroll using short form: CMS-855-O; or use Internet-based PECOS - Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System. For more information please visit: http://success.ada.org/en/.
EPA Considering Amalgam Separator Standards -  SDDA Conducts Survey

The Environmental Protection Agency is creating standards for amalgam separator usage in dental offices. While specific requirements will not be known for some time, the EPA has alerted state and municipal agencies that regulate waste water. These agencies are currently exploring how to implement the standards once implemented by the EPA. The SDDA is surveying members to learn more about current amalgam separator usage by dentists in South Dakota. Members have been sent an email message about the survey and are encouraged to complete the online survey. The information gathered from the survey will help the SDDA in its work with state and local regulators. The SDDA will also be advising members about the EPA regulations once of the file standards are adopted. 


Manage Your Online Reputation

Today, many patients investigate your office prior to an initial appointment using Google, Yelp, and many other review and research sources. ADA Business Resources and Protective Business and Health Systems (PBHS) recently hosted a webinar on managing your online reputation. A recording of the seminar along with the question and answer section is now available for ADA members on http://success.ada.org/en/  In this webinar Jay Levine, President of PBHS, offers tips and best practices to monitor your public reputation and take a proactive approach to addressing online reviews.

Continuing Education

For the list of state-wide dental continuing education go to: http://www.sddental.org/cont_ed_statewidece.htm

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