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Coordination of Dental Benefits 

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, more consumers are able to purchase dental plan coverage in their medical plans and additional questions have arisen with respect to coordination of benefits (COB). The ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs has drafted guidance to member dentists and their staff to coordinate the dental benefits of their patients. 
The ADA's guidelines are available as a members-only resource on the Center for Professional Success website at Success.ADA.org/COB.

Center for Professional Success is a Great Resource for SDDA Members

 The ADA’s Center for Professional Success provides find tips, tools and unique learning opportunities for members that can provide an edge both personally and professionally. This valuable information is available to SDDA members for free.  Visit: http://success.ada.org/en/. 

Medicare Deadline Extended One Year. 

On June 1, 2015 the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) announced a one-year delay in the enforcement of the Medicare Part D prescriber enrollment requirement to June 1, 2016. The ADA will continue to seek a legislative repeal of the requirement that dentists who treat Medicare beneficiaries enroll in or opt out of Medicare to prescribe medication to their qualifying patients with Part D drug plans.

The ADA has developed a video as part of the Center for Professional Success that provides the most accurate information available on this topic. Please direct any questions you may have to dentalbenefits@ada.org or call Paul Knecht at 605-224-9133. 

Continuing Education

For the list of state-wide dental continuing education go to: http://www.sddental.org/cont_ed_statewidece.htm

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