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2016 House of Delegates
The 2016 SDDA House of Delegates will meet at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center on
Thursday, May 12th at 6:00 p.m. and Saturday, May 14th at 3:30 p.m. More information to follow.

For 2016 House of Delegates Information and Materials 
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2016 House of Delegates Members

Black Hills District
1. Dr. Brent Bradley
2. Dr. Chuck Scanlon
3. Dr. Jonathan Reth
4. Dr. Laura Davies
5. Dr. Jay Segrist
6. Dr. Jeff Wiswall
7. Dr. Eric Unkenholz
8. Dr. Jay Benusis
9. Dr. Jim Byrne
Northern District
1. Dr. Carl Kimbler
2. Dr. Thane Crump
3. Dr. Bryan Johnson
4. Dr. Greg Gertsen
5. Dr. Ross Schulte
6. Dr. Tom Kaiser
7. Dr. Gregg Van Beek

Southeastern District
1. Dr. Nick Shawd
2. Dr. Adam Swingdorf
3. Dr. Jon Ellenbecker
4. Dr. Kimberly Heinemann
5. Dr. Bill Schultz
6. Dr. Melissa Otten
7. Dr. Jeff Feiock
8. Dr. Stephanie Schmitz
9. Dr. Andrew Johnson
10. Dr. Dane Steffen
11. Dr. Jim Sigaty
12. Dr. Heidi Sloan
Southern District
1. Dr. Christopher Dickes
2. Dr. Jesse Fast
3. Dr. Larry Green
4. Dr. Michelle Hofer
5. Dr. Monty Bechtold
6. Dr. Brenon Farmer
7. Dr. Murray Thompson
8. Dr. Erick Rath


ADA President to Visit Rosebud

Dr. Carol Summerhays will pay a visit to the Rosebud Reservation on Friday, July 15, 2016.  Dr. Summerhays' visit will be the capstone of a week of dental care provided by SDDA member dentists at the St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic located on Rosebud.  Dr. Summerhays will visit with Tribal Leaders about the dental needs of the people of Rosebud.