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2014 House of Delegates
The 2014 SDDA House of Delegates will meet at the Sioux Falls Convention Center on Thursday, May 15 at 6:00 p.m. and Saturday, May 17 at 3:30 p.m.  

For 2014 House of Delegates Notebook - click here

2014 House of Delegates Members
Black Hills District
1. Dr. John Bridges
2. Dr. Chad Carpenter
3. Dr. Joshua Friedman
4. Dr. Jennifer Friedman
5. Dr. Anh Harper
6. Dr. Mark Kampfe
7. Dr. Jonathan Reth
8. Dr. Jay Segrist
9. Dr. Erik Swanson
Northern District
1. Dr. Mike Hawley
2. Dr. Steven Jacobs
3. Dr. Bryan Johnson
4. Dr. Carl Kimbler
5. Dr. Robert Sanders
6. Dr. Ross Schulte
7. Dr. Greg Van Beek
8. Dr. Ryan VanLaecken
Southeastern District
1. Dr. Don Drake
2. Dr. Courtland Drake
3. Dr. Jeff Feiock
4. Dr. Sharon Fix
5. Dr. Melissa Gibson
6. Dr. Scott Gibson
7. Dr. Alicia Hansen
8. Dr. Kimberly Heinemann
9. Dr. Lori Larsen
10. Dr. Meaghan Neuberger
11. Dr. Katie Reardon
Southern District
1. Dr. Jon Baumann
2. Dr. Matt Dailey
3. Dr. Mike Fuchs
4. Dr. Larry Green
5. Dr. Michelle Hofer
6. Dr. Chelsey Renemans
7. Dr. Bryan Schoenfelder
8. Dr. Murray Thompson



Medicaid Reimbursements Increase

The reimbursement rate for the vast majority of dental procedures paid through the state Medicaid Program will increase to approximately 68 percent of commercial rates beginning July 1, 2014.  Increased fees for Medicaid has been a focus of the SDDA's government affairs efforts for the past nine months.  To view the new adult fee schedule click here.  To view the new children's fee schedule click here