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Oral Health Information : Public Education Videos

Full responsibility for loss or damage (excluding normal wear and tear) to the film is that of the borrower. Contact tia@sddental.org to order films. These videos are available for South Dakota dental offices and organizations only.

Videos For Children/Youth

BRUSHING WITH DUDLEY & DEEDEE- (VHS & DVD) - 1997. Dudley the Dinosaur uses magic to teach little sis Dee Dee all about brushing and flossing. For pre-school age audience.Teaching guide and activity sheets available. (Color; 6 minutes)

DUDLEY & DEE DEE IN NUTRITION LAND - (VHS Only) - 1997. Dudley and Dee Dee go on a trip to Nutrition Land, where they learn about the food groups and dental health. For Grades 3-5. (6 minutes) Teaching guide and activity sheets available.

DUDLEY'S CLASSROOM ADVENTURE - (VHS & DVD) - 1992. This videotape takes kids on a fun-filled classroom adventure as Dudley the Dinosaur writes a report on a healthy mouth. Topics covered include diet, brushing, flossing, sealants, mouthguards and more. (Color; 7 minutes)

DUDLEY GOES TO CAMP BRUSH & FLOSS - (VHS & DVD) - 2005. Dudley teaches his cousin the proper way to brush. Close-up shots of brushing and flossing shows children the best way to take care of their teeth and gums. (Color; 5 minutes)

DUDLEY'S GRADE SCHOOL MUSICAL - (DVD only) Bring glee to children of all ages with this oral health video featuring Dudley the Dinosaur. Dudley and his friends audition for "Teeth: The Musical" and sing catchy songs about: Brushing and Flossing; Mouthguards; Healthy Eating; Regular Dental Visits; and, Sealants. Guaranteed to make learning about oral health fun for kids pre-school age through grade 4. (8 minutes)

DUDLEY'S VISIT TO THE DENTIST - (VHS & DVD) - 1990. Animated video takes Dudley the Dinosaur through a visit to the dentist. For children of all ages, this short video introduces dental instruments and what to expect at the dental office. (Color; 6 minutes)
DUDLEY & DENTAL HEALTH: THE COMPLETE ANIMATED SERIES - (DVD) - 2007. This 45-minute series includes four fun and educational Dudley the Dinosaur short films: "Dudley Goes to Camp Brush & Floss"; "Dudley's Classroom Adventure"; "Dudley Visits the Dentist"; and, "Brushing Magic". (Color; 45 minutes)
HEROES VS. PLAQUE - (DVD only) Bring Spiderman and the Fantastic Four along to your classroom visit and show kids that even superheroes have to fight tooth decay! Teaches dental health basics. Recommended for grades K-5. (5 minutes)

MELVIN'S MAGICAL MOUTH MUSEUM - (VHS Only) Accompany students as a magician leads them around a dental museum and shows them that good oral health isn't magic, it just takes good oral habits. Stresses the importance of regular dental visits, daily brushing and flossing, healthy eating and the benefits of sealants. For: Lower elementary. 




HIPAA Compliance Seminar
All health care providers—including dentists—must comply with the HIPAA requirements put in place by the Affordable Care Act. The SDDA is offering a seminar that will teach HIPAA requirements for your practice; operational and the administrative safeguards; and, staff compliance. Most importantly the seminar will teach how to prevent a breach of patient information. A breach, whether accidentally or maliciously, could cost you both thousands of dollars and your professional reputation. This seminar is appropriate for the dentist and the office manager or HIPAA compliance officer.

The seminar will be offered at the following dates and locations. 

Huron, February 9,  9-11 am

Sioux Falls, February 9,  1-3 pm
Watertown, February 10, 9-11 am

Aberdeen, February 10,  1:30-3:30 pm

Pierre, February 11,   9-11 am

Rapid City, February 11, 2-4 pm (mst)

Click here for a printable registration form. 

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