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Southern District Officers

Dr. Zach McCready
​PO Box 682
​Chamberlain, SD ​57325
Office: ​734-6028
Fax: ​840-1214

Dr. Jennifer Veurink
916 S Rowley St
Mitchell, SD 57301
Office: 996-1223

Dr. Jesse Fast
1010 Dakota Ave S
Huron, SD 57350
Office: 352-6999

Dr. Rick Fuchs
2080 Arizona Ave SW
Huron, SD 57350
Office: 352-1670
Fax: 352-2589

Dr. Kevin Donlin
622 N Highland Ave
Madison, SD 57042
Office: 256-6668
Fax: 256-9063

For a list of Southern District Meetings and Events and other SDDA Events click here.