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South Dakota Dental Foundation

About the Foundation

The South Dakota Dental Foundation is a nonprofit public foundation formed by interested members of the South Dakota Dental Association to benefit the general public. 

The Foundation's Mission

The mission of the South Dakota Dental Foundation is to advocate for the improved oral health of South Dakota’s citizens through the education of the profession and the public and by serving those individuals and organizations having dental related needs.

The South Dakota Dental Foundation provides financial support to the people, organization and causes that advance the dental profession in South Dakota. 

The fund was initially capitalized through a fundraising campaign among the dentists in South Dakota. The fund continues to grow today through pledges, direct contributions, memorials, estate contributions and fund raising activities. All contributions become part of the permanent endowment. Only the earnings from the endowment fund are distributed. 

Uses For the Earnings

Uses for the earnings include the following:
  • Dental health projects and activities
  • Dental auxiliary student scholarships
  • Dental health education of the public

The Foundation Board continues to welcome additional contributions to the fund. All contributions are tax deductible.

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