Sioux Empire Smiles

Sioux Empire Smiles will not be canceled due to COVID-19. The traditional one-day event will not be held, but in its place will be a virtual event. This year, rather than volunteering to see patients on the first Saturday of October, Southeastern District Dental Society members can provide charitable care in their own clinics. Dentists can volunteer to accept one, two, three or more children to receive free dental care.  The dental office can work the patients into the clinic’s regular schedule or set aside a special time to see the charity cases. The children needing the care will be identified through their school and will be referred to dental offices through Jean Gross with the Sioux Empire Smiles project. Southeastern District Dental Society members should sign up here and indicate the number of children they will care for through Sioux Empire Smiles 2020. 

SESmiles Extended