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The Sunshyne Smiles Program is a statewide program that helps provide orthodontic treatment to deserving South Dakota children who may not otherwise receive care. Children are accepted to the program through a referral from a general dentist. Eligibility is determined based on the severity of the child's orthodontic needs and their family's financial situation.

The seed money for the program was provided by: Delta Dental Foundation Fund; the South Dakota Chapter of The Order of the Eastern Star; and Dr. Mel Thaler of Sioux Falls. Funds continue to be raised from a wide array of donors throughout South Dakota.

A major portion of the cost of each orthodontic case is contributed by participating South Dakota orthodontists. Participating families contribute approximately $25 per month to the program toward the cost of their child's orthodontic treatment over the course of 40 months ($1000 total). The program assumes the difference ($3,000) between the family's contribution and the amount committed to the orthodontist, which is a total of $4,000 per case. 

The program currently funds the cost of treatment from the following sources:

  1. individual contributions;
  2. fund raising events;
  3. sponsorships;
  4. grants; and,
  5. monthly family contributions.

The program's goal is to assist 25 South Dakota children/families annually in providing needed orthodontic care. 

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