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The Sunshyne Smiles Program is a statewide program that helps provide orthodontic treatment to deserving South Dakota children who may not otherwise receive care. Children are accepted to the program through a referral from a general dentist. Eligibility is determined based on the severity of the child's orthodontic needs and their family's financial situation.

The seed money for the program was provided by: Delta Dental Foundation Fund; the South Dakota Chapter of The Order of the Eastern Star; and Dr. Mel Thaler of Sioux Falls. Funds continue to be raised from a wide array of donors throughout South Dakota.

A major portion of the cost of each orthodontic case is contributed by participating South Dakota orthodontists. Most participating families contribute approximately $35 per month to the program toward the cost of their child's orthodontic treatment over the course of approximately 36 months.

The program currently funds the cost of treatment from the following sources:

  1. individual contributions;
  2. fund raising events;
  3. sponsorships;
  4. grants; and,
  5. monthly family contributions.

The program's goal is to assist 25 South Dakota children/families annually in providing needed orthodontic care.

For more information, contact the Sunshyne Smiles Program Manager at amy@sddental.org.

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