SD Dental Foundation Scholarships

The South Dakota Dental Foundation has a number of scholarships available to students entering their third or fourth year of dental school. Eligible applicants must be a member of their school’s ASDA chapter and must be committed to practicing in South Dakota upon graduation. Each scholarship is $5,000. Applications are accepted each year from March 1 through April 30.

Only one application need be submitted to be considered for all of the scholarships listed:

  • Dr. Monty & Peggy Bechtold Scholarship
  • Dr. Mike Houk Scholarship
  • Mike H. Shaw Scholarship
  • Scott & Julia Jones Scholarship
  • Dr. Roger & Diane Wilson Scholarship
  • Dr. David M. Meyer Scholarship
  • Class of '81 Dental Student Scholarship
  • Dr. Jason and Jill Aanenson Scholarship
  • Dr. Greg and Katie Hanson
  • Dr. John and Colette Carrels Student Scholarship