Smile With PRIDE

Care for the People of Rosebud Continues

The SDDA and the St. Francis Mission have created a partnership that is helping to improve the oral health of the members of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. SDDA member volunteers have helped hundreds of people living on the Rosebud Reservation, however there continues to be a great need for dental care. The SDDA and the Mission are seeking more volunteers to provide care to patients at the Mission's dental clinic. No credentialing is required - volunteers need only a valid license to practice in South Dakota. The Mission requests that volunteers sign up to be a SD MEDX (South Dakota Medicaid) providers. This allows the Mission to bill Medicaid for services that are provided to South Dakota Medicaid Patients. The Medicaid funds the Mission receives are essential to the ongoing operation of the dental clinic. Volunteers can provide care according to their availability - anywhere from one day to a full week. Interested volunteers should contact Paul Knecht at the SDDA office (605-224-9133).

We are currently seeking volunteers. For more information about the St. Francis Mission Dental Clinic go to: or call 605-747-2142.